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SK40-JHM Hydraulic Chuck have special clamping method by removing and expansion the sleeve which were brazed on inside of chuck. This method completely clamping a cutting tool on all around inner bore face of chuck and keep high precision and proper for high speed maching as well.

Advantages of SK40-JHM Hydraulic chuck:

  1. Fine finishing, High speed & high accuracy machining, Reaming, Drilling, etc.
  2. Below 3µm at 3 x D / This high accuracy extend tool life including improving machining condition.
  3. Easy Clamping and Un clamping by T-Wrench. It is able to tool change after assembing the chuck into the spindle of Machine.
  4. Center through coolant system (AD) + Flange through coolant system (B).
  5. Even under high speed, it works very fast without vibration and makes sure of fine process and safety with fine balance up to G2.5/25,000rpm (Max.) = G6.3/60,000rpm.


Note of caution when operating SK40-JHM Hydraulic chuck:

  • Please fully clamping the clamping screw by T-Wrench (the clamping screw will be stopped, if it was fully clamped by human power)
  • Please fully insert a cutting tool into the chuck. At the least, tool shank edge to be arrived at 8mm from end of the inner bore depth.
  • Please eliminate a dust or tiny chip or humidity in the tool shank and inner bore face of the chuck.
  • Please do not pull out the Clamping Screw and Oil Sealing from the chuck.
  • Please do not using hydraulic chuck for rough cutting.
  • Please do not disposal it by oneself when come out operating problem such as broken the chuck or clamping & unclamping problem etc.

If you have some problem for the hydraulic chuck, please contact us at first.

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