Đầu kẹp Single Milling Chuck BT30-C20-90

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BT30-C Milling Chuck is used for clamping drill bits, reamer bits, finger cutters and tapping parts on the milling machine.

Advantages of Milling Chuck:

  1. Jeil’s milling chuck will be maintained long life through retainer that is accepted 300pcs bearings.
  2. Minimized the friction on milling chuck’s rolling side.
  3. Eliminates the oil and dregs owing to 6pcs-slot.
  4. Improves torque power due to prevent slip and come off the tools.
  5. The needle roller bearing with high precision & strength is working softly and no friction noise even heavy load.
  6. T.I.R: ≥10µm/2.5xD.2
  7. If you want to use the Milling Chuck with Spindle Through Coolant system, please use our ONK Collet.




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